How to Grow and Care for Crocosmia

Below you will find useful planting and care instructions and some helpful ” Crocosmia Care Tips” that I have learned over the years that will help your lilies thrive for years of enjoyment.

Time: Spring is the best time to plant crocosmia bulbs. Crocosmia flower in late summer and fall, making spring planting the right time to get these bulbs in the ground.

Location: Find a location where the soil drains well and plant crocosmia bulbs in a locale with a full sun to partial daily shade exposure. The soil should be well drained and can be somewhat moist but never wet. Add compost or peat humus to enrich the soil and help with drainage if needed.

Planting: Planting the corms about 3 to 5 inches deep in the soil with the growing point facing up. Plant your bulbs about 6 to 8″ apart when planting in groups and the groups should be about 18 to 24″ away from other plants. For the best visual effect, plant 10 to 20 corms of the same variety in clumps and scatter clumps of different varieties around the garden.

Watering: They are very drought tolerant and only need occasional moisture when it is very dry.

Fertilizing: Add fertilizer regularly for best growth by using a general-purpose garden fertilizer, when the shoots are 6 to 8 inches tall. Fertilize the plants again when the blooms appear.

Pets Control: You should experience few problems with your Crocosmia. Use insecticide or fungicide only if a problem occurs.

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